What a day today! I’m exhausted!

We hiked the ‘Pikrovrisi tis Merikas’ nature trail first, along the Maroullenas River Gorge.

Next stop was at the picturesque village of Gourri for coffee, followed by a visit to Machairas Monastery!

Our last stop was at the Donkey Farm where we tried chocolate and liqueur made from donkey’s milk!

As you can see from the pics, I had so much fun today, a crazy kind of fun!

Happy days, enjoying life, making new memories!

A few words about today’s hike:

The «Pikrovrisi tis Merikas» nature trail is located close to the village of Kalo Chorio Oreinis, Cyprus.

The trail follows a wooden walkway along ‘Maroullenas River’ inside the gorge, and then ascends the mountain where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the gorge, the endless green fields, the river, the venetian bridge, and the volcanic rocks.

Distance: 7.5km

Altitude: 550 meters