Eating healthily is not enough!

You know, people often say to me: “I eat really healthily, so I should be okay, yes?”

Well, actually, no…

Because no matter how healthily you eat, if you don’t exercise too, health problems will start popping up as you age.

Exercise is important at every age – but it’s especially important as we get older.

Because it helps to keep our joints and our muscles flexible and strong.

It keeps our heart pumping healthy.

It improves our balance which can prevent us from falling in our senior years.

And it helps to increase our bone density to help prevent osteoporosis.

And, don’t forget we also need to stretch our bodies too otherwise our muscles will become really tight and they’ll get shorter as well!

Even if you just go for a walk, or you lift some light weights at home, it’s a great start!

So let’s get those bods moving!

Make it a goal for 2021!