The limitations we set ourselves

Our mind is such a powerful tool, and yet, sometimes we don’t use it to our benefit.

Our mind can easily become our own worst enemy, instead of our best friend.

We often set ourselves limitations – what we believe we can, or we can’t do.

However, I’m not talking about our physical or health related ‘cans’ or ‘cant’s’ here.

I’m talking about our ‘self-imposed’ limitations. For example:

What we say to ourselves

What we believe about ourselves

Our self-doubt and our low self-esteem

Our feelings of unworthiness, that we are not good enough

Self-imposed limitations are like ‘boundaries’ that we set ourselves.

They are our limits of what we believe we can or can’t do.

Our beliefs about ourselves can often turn into self-justifiable excuses, which prevent us from taking the next step, or even giving ourselves the chance to just try.

Changes can be scary.

And it’s understandable that we may be afraid of making any kind of change, irrespective of its size.

But we can always do and be so much more than we are right now, and it’s always worth trying, than not trying at all, irrespective of the result.

I am still setting goals for myself at the age of 61.

Not just physical goals like doing the handstand push-ups that you can see in the picture, but many other life goals too.

I don’t focus on how many years I am, and I refuse to allow my age to determine my abilities. Because if you believe you are old, then you will be old. It really is as simple as that.

My focus is simply on strengthening and nourishing my body, and doing things that make me happy, things that fill my soul.