“Mnimata Episkopon” (The Bishops’ Tombs)


18.45 kms! My most challenging hike so far! (I couldn’t walk for two days!)

Goal: to reach the “Mnimata Episkopon” (Bishops’ Tombs) at the top of the mountain (see first pic).

Starting point: Apotheri, Kakopetria, Cyprus – Altitude: 803 meters.

We first walked for 2.1 kms, to reach the entrance of the path (1010 meters).

The path was a huge challenge itself. We had to cross rough terrain, and we also needed to gain 516m of elevation in just 3.6 kms, until reaching the top of the mountain, and the location Mnimata Episkopon at 1526m.

Total time and distance covered to reach the top of the mountain: 2:40’ / 5.7 kms

After a short break, we began our descent towards the Platania camping site for another 4.6 kms (the descent was 2.5 kms path / 2.1 kms dirt road).

Total time taken: 1:50’

We then walked another 500m on the main road, and 7.65 kms on a dirt road to get back to our starting point.

Total time: 6 hours 20’

Total distance: 18.45 kms

Total elevation gain of the route: 752m