Loving and embracing life after 50!

‘Life Doesn’t Stop at 50’ is about loving and embracing your life, and yourself!

It’s about happiness, and looking after yourself, looking after your mind, body, & soul.

Finding peace inside you, thinking healthy and positive thoughts, eating healthily, staying active, and doing things for You.


My emotional health, and my happiness, are both very, very important to me.

I no longer have time to waste on nonsense.

I’ve wasted too many years worrying about what other people think of me and trying to fit in with their expectations.

You see, when you’re always trying to please other people, you end up losing yourself.

And I have no more time, or personal energy, to waste.

Life is about living in the now, and enjoying every moment we are blessed to have.

And at this age, I just want to have my peace of mind and tranquility, to be happy, and to simply enjoy my life, nothing more, nothing less.