Atalanti Hike!

Looking after my health and eating an energy-giving diet is the reason I can still climb mountains at my age!

This is what Life Doesn’t Stop at 50 is all about: Aging healthily, enjoying new experiences, and creating new memories.

A few words about the Atalanti Trail:

The trail is circular and is one of the most beautiful in the Troodos mountains, Cyprus.

The terrain is relatively flat, and the majority of the trail is shaded by huge trees, such as black pine and cypress trees.

We hiked for 13.800 km, and it took us about 4 hours (including two breaks at the 5 and 10 kilometer points).

Highest altitude: 1, 820 km

Lowest altitude: 1,700 km

Elevation gain: 137+ meters

Descent: 141- meters

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