Anti-Aging or Pro-Aging?

Personally, I prefer to use the term ‘pro-aging’, because my approach to life, and to aging, is always ‘pro’.

I have had the privilege of living on this earth for 60+ years. And I am proud of my age, very proud.

The most important thing for me now is to age with health, vitality, happiness, and dignity and grace.

My focus is on eating healthily, exercising, and detoxing on a regular basis, both mentally and physically.

‘Pro-aging’ is about having a positive approach towards aging, and changing the way we think about the aging process, accepting and embracing age, and adopting healthier behaviors.

‘Anti-aging’ usually focusses on maintaining a ‘youthful look’ by using anti-aging products and treatments that help to prevent or reduce the signs of skin aging. Which is great too, as it’s also important to look after our skin, and to feel good about ourselves, and our appearance.