Katydata Village

Out & about again!

I must say, I felt quite emotional as I walked around this village. Happy and sad feelings all mixed up together.

I kept thinking about the people that lived here so many years ago, and how their lives must have been.

Simple, stress-free lives. The adults growing their produce, their children playing carefree in the surrounding fields.

It was strange. It felt like I was catching glimpses of them in their houses as I walked by.

But there weren’t any houses. Just remains, and parts of the walls that once enclosed them.

Just stones and bricks. And I wondered, if these stones and bricks could talk, how many things they could tell us, how many memories they held…

Photos taken at Katydata village, in Cyprus.

The village is still adorable though, and the beauty of its nature is mesmerizing! Some of the houses in the village have been renovated, and it has a population of just under 200 inhabitants.

Katydata village is in a semi-mountainous area. The Skouriotissa copper mine located in Katydata is the only active mine in Cyprus, which continues to produce copper cathodes.