Easy ways to get your body moving, without going to the gym!

Just get yourself outside in the fresh air and start walking!

Walking is a perfect exercise for all ages, and it’s an activity that you can do for free, anywhere you live. It’s great for your heart and lungs, and it also keeps our joints flexible and our muscles strong.

Think of it this way, if you walk 1 mile/km per day, that’s 365 miles/km a year!


Try walking to the store if it’s nearby instead of taking the car.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, just for one floor!

Put some music on and start dancing!

Do some gardening!

Or you could do some basic exercises at home, like using a chair to do some squats, or a water bottle for arm exercises. There are lots of videos available online that provide free workouts for all levels! Search: “Arm exercises for beginners”, “Squats for beginners”.

Tips & Bits:

Start off slowly: When you feel ready, gradually build up the amount of time and the intensity of your exercise program.

Easy does it: Listen to your body. Don’t push yourself. Always feel comfortable with what you are doing.

Stretch: Stretching and warming up our muscles can help reduce muscle soreness.

Prevent injuries: Wear a good pair of walking shoes.

Drink water: Stay hydrated during your walk.

Track your progress: You can use an application on your phone or a pedometer.

Change it up: Take a new route every time, keep your walk interesting!

Feed your muscles: Make sure to eat some protein after you exercise – protein is necessary for our body to maintain muscle mass. Foods that are rich in protein include lean cuts of meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy. Plant-based proteins include legumes, soybeans, chickpeas, quinoa, chia and hemp seeds, peanut butter, and spirulina.

Take caution: You should always speak with your doctor first and get a full medical check-up before taking up any form of exercise. Your doctor will advise you on your limits and abilities as well as what you should avoid, especially if you have existing health problems or are taking medication.

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