Avakas Gorge – A masterpiece of nature and a hiker’s paradise!

Absolutely breathtaking views and incredible rock formations.

Some of the most spectacular parts of the gorge is where the sides of the walls practically touch, and at one point, there is a huge boulder that is stuck at the top!

In some places the walls are covered with moss and the roots of wild fig trees with water running down them, and it makes the atmosphere very mystical!

I slipped and fell on the wet rocks a couple of times, typical of me, but no injuries! It was all part of the experience and I wouldn’t swap it for the world!

A few words about Avakas Gorge:

Avakas Gorge can be found on the western tip of the Akamas Peninsula, north of Paphos, Cyprus.

It was created by the constant erosive activity of a raging stream which flowed over the limestone for thousands of years.

The trail leading through the gorge is roughly 3 kilometres long, with the rock walls on both sides reaching up to 30 meters in height, while the width of the passage in some places is only about 5 meters.

It is characterized by stunning rock formations, wildlife, and rare plants and flowers.

The Avakas gorge is recognised as a Natura 2000 area.